Flying Tec Avisador Bateria 110B


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Flying Tec Avisador Bateria 110B

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19,90 €

  • Buzzer for Drone

    The buzzer has two modes of operation:
    1. It is compatible with the functions of the traditional active buzzer and synchronized with the flight control.
    2. When the flight control is normally connected, and the main battery in the flight is turned off / disconnected by accident, the locator can automatically emit 110 dB of drip sound after 30 seconds from the power failure to the drone, and the LED will emit white light, and the sound is louder than the general buzzer. Much larger.
    How to turn off the speaker:
    Press and hold the button for more than 2 seconds, and the machine will turn off the sound and light.
    The locator is compatible with all racing drone flight controllers of BetaFlight and CleanFlight. Simply connect the buzzer and the LED interface of the flight controller and it will work. When the flight control wiring is correct, the drone is on and the FC 5V power supply will automatically charge the Finder2 (the red LED will light to indicate charging is in progress).
    Size: 23 * 17 * 17MM.
    Weight: 7.4 g