Matek Vídeo Transmitter VTX-HV 5.8Ghz 25 / 200 / 500mW 40CH


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Matek Vídeo Transmitter VTX-HV 5.8Ghz 25 / 200 / 500mW 40CH

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  • Matek F4 MINI Betaflight & Raceflight F4 with PDB and BEC

    New generation F4 hardware flight controller for FPV race, STM32F405 MCU , Frequency up to 168Mhz ,Flight controller firmware is pushing flight controllers to the limit.

    Fast loop times enable sophisticated filtering to deliver the locked in, flying on rails feeling. Betaflight easily delivers 125us (or faster) loop times on the F4 flight controller

    Betaflight target : Revo or AirbotF4


    Buzzer Port and LED strip Port
    MPU6000 SPI Bus
    128Mb Flash(16M Byte)
    SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)
    DSM/DSM2/DSMX input(Plug)
    4 PWM output (Pad)
    Build in PDB
    Build in 5V BEC / 1A
    Only 30x30mm, mount holes 25x25mm
    All through hole pin header Design -no Sh connectors
    STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Raceflight CC3D REVO firmware
    Works Perfect with Raceflight - preloaded with Raceflight or BetaFlight 3.0
    Direct Lipo input :1.5A Built-in onboard regulator - NO BEC needed. support 2s to 4s LiPo
    Connect direct to a Lipo to power the board and Rx
    RaceFlight or Betaflight support on an STM32 F4 with a SPI based MPU6000
    Gyro - low noise gyro will not force one to soft-mount the fc