PGYTECH Action Camera Adapter+ (Mobile Gimbal)


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PGYTECH Action Camera Adapter+ (Mobile Gimbal)

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  • Action Camera Adapter for Mobile Gimbal, action cameras can be put onto mobile gimbal by using it. Aviation aluminum CNC turning processing, integrated molding;
    Anodic oxidation process; Considered the weight balance when design the adapter, the action camera can be used directly without adding any extra weight. Support horizontal and vertical shots;
    Adapt to a variety of action cameras. Quick release, multi-purpose use.
    Action Camera: Gopro5 Gopro6 Gopro7 OSMO action YI Action Camera
    YI 4K Action Camera
    Mobile Gimbal: DJI OM 4, DJI Mobile3, DJI Mobile2, ZHIYUN Smooth 4, ATOM, BenbroP1S, MOZA mini-SE, FEIYU VLOG pocket