Prolux Ferro de Entelar Prolux Digital


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Prolux Ferro de Entelar Prolux Digital

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  • Prolux Digital LCD Thermal Sealing Iron with Stand


    1).Offer from 100 precise digital temperature control,to 220 ( centigradetemperature ) or 212 to 428 (Fahrenheit temperature );
    2).LCD display accurate current temperature;
    3).Can change units celsiuss temperature to Fahrenheit temperature;
    4).Increase accuracy thermostatic control;
    5).For all heat shrinkable film use;
    6).New type iron flatheads items derision easier ironing;
    7).Ascended teflon iron face to prevent scratches;
    8).Flatheads possesses safe metal standpoint;
    9).Special tpr apuntil substance provide design comfortable treatment . it ergonomic;
    10).When it started , the iron flatheads on the surface 6h later will automatically snuffed out.

    How to use :

    1).Surface treatment in need covering place,surface must be careful grinding smooth,photopic 320 best & deg . fine sand paper polished , grinding surface woodmeal completed put special attention can"t have surface paint unctuous and board table,otherwise glue on the board .

    2).flatheads temperature flatheads in use before flatheads base plate on the bag one layer 100% cotton fabric .
    100 - 120,can make the skin to produce the adhesion and board adhesive.
    150,medium temperature,is the best temperatures.
    180,Scan to the reubenites skin contraction,tauten.

    Package Included:

    1 x Digital LCD Thermal Sealing Iron
    1 x Metal support
    1 x Cloth