Multiplex Avião Park Master PRO Kit


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Multiplex Avião Park Master PRO Kit

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249,90 €

  • Multiplex BK + ParkMaster PRO

    The MULTIPLEX Park Master PRO is the true master of the toughest maneuvers. By using square carbon fiber spars are now an unbeatable high rigidity in the fuselage, the wings and the horizontal stabilizer results. The chassis is now reinforced with carbon fiber. A new type of reinforced engine mount is suitable for more powerful drives and with the optional carbon Motorspant (# 33 2609) an eye-catcher. You can take really ran the Park Master PRO confined space. Even with moderate wind tumbles, torque rolls or square loops can be flown without any problems. The park Master PRO is offered as a modular and in version kit plus. When Kit Plus perfectly on the model matched drive components are included as: Motor HIMAX C 2816-1220, regulators MULTIcont BL-30 S-BEC,


    • Carbon rods for maximum rigidity during extreme maneuvers
    • new reinforced engine mount bracket
    • highly stable carbon-fiber chassis
    • good-natured and full 3D-ready at the same time
    • Low minimum airspeed
    • Prefabricated moldings from ELAPOR ®

    Technical Specifications:

    Model character: ARRIVALS
    Material: Elapor
    Level: 3 Advanced
    span in mm: 975
    RC functions: SR / HR / QR / motor
    up weight electric in grams: 520
    Flight time in minutes: 5
    Total surface area loading grams per square decimeter: 18
    Total surface area in square decimeter: 29
    battery types / cells: 3S Lipo
    construction time in min .: 120


    ELAPOR® model kit with all the foam parts, Anlenkungszubehör, Motorspant with
    reinforced Motorspanthalter, CFRP legs with wheels, CFRP spars for
    gain plotted decor sheet and introduction as well as drive motor
    Himax C 2816-1220, controller MULTIcont BL-30 S-BEC, propeller 10 "x4,7"
    with carrier; 4 servos Nano Pro-Karbonite.