Multiplex Planador Easyglider 4 Kit


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Multiplex Planador Easyglider 4 Kit

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  • Multiplex KIT Planador Easyglider 4

    Model: electric glider
    Material: Elapor
    Wingspan: 1800mm
    RC functions: aileron, elevator, rudder, engine
    Ready to fly weight: 1100mm
    Flying time: 45minutes
    Total area loading grams per square decimeter: 27
    Total area in square decimeter: 40
    Types of batteries / cells: 3S LiPo 1800-2500mAh

    • Optimized sailing performance
    • Thermal exhaustion made easy due to very low basic speed
    • Powerful, efficient brushless drive with S-BEC controller, for fast climbing and long flight times
    • Super robust thanks to ELAPOR® design
    • Folding screw with elegant plastic spinner
    • Landing aid by placing the ailerons
    • Easy to transport thanks to removable wings, side and height stabilizer
    • A lot of space in the trunk allows the use of different battery sizes
    • Comfortable battery change thanks to the dyed hood

    Required to Complete:

    1x 3S 2200mah Lipo Battery
    2x 300mm servo extention leads
    2x 150mm servo extention leads
    1x Zacki Elapor 20g glue
    1x 1120kV, 380W brushless motor
    1x 40A brushless ESC
    2x Multiplex Tiny servos
    2x Multiplex Nano servos